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Creating team schedules - can be so easy!

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Heads up for all team managers! It’ll be so easy to create beautiful work schedules in no time with "Dienstag - schedule your team".

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Who, with whom and when? Shift scheduling with the iPad™ has never been easier.

With its intuitive user interface, the latest shift schedule is ready in minutes and the team has all work times and the information they need right at their fingertips. Complex coordination and tedious scheduling on slips of paper was yesterday – "Dienstag - schedule your team" is today!

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(...) Dienstag is an excellent scheduling app...It features a user-friendly layout that’s pleasing on the eye, and easy to operate. (...)


(...) Dienstag is a must-have for employers looking for a little structure in the chaos of the business life. (...)


(...) Dienstag is an incredibly powerful scheduling app for iPad that has tons of features for employees and managers alike. (...)

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Enter shifts and team members and make changes in no time.


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Manage your team’s work days, vacation scheduling, workload and days off.


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Distribute team schedules and assignment scheduling information right from the app.

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Evaluation and calculation
Evaluate tasks and absences in a simple overview interface, ready to view, send or print with just a touch.

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Team management with a magic touch
You can add as many people as you want in Dienstag App and schedule tasks in no time, with direct display of how many shifts each individual already had in the current month.

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Always there on time
Dienstag App helps making fair schedules. Every team member can see who is working, with whom and when. This makes for spot-on arrivals.

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Fully customized shift scheduling
With Dienstag App, the start and end of shifts can be modified freely and adjusted individually. Dienstag App can also transfer shift schedules to an Apple™ or Google Calendar™.

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Clear role allocation
Whether temps, managers or executives: Assign your team members their respective roles to simplify the overview and make task scheduling a child's play.

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Direct, immediate communication
Notify your employees in advance about any changes or details regarding their next assignment – quickly and directly right from the app. Shift schedules can be issued in different layouts.

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Personal icons
Link a custom image to each person.You can use a photo or an automatically generated icon to create clarity and make the team schedule come alive.

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Easy pre-scheduling
Manage absences such as downtimes, or pre-schedule vacation leaves – fully customized for each individual. Use the direct display and the linked evaluation overview.

Very flexible application areas.

Dienstag App perfectly fits to smaller shops or businesses using shift work or task work. Dienstag App is already simplifying shift planning for businesses in the following sectors:

  • Healthcare and personal care
  • Foodservice
  • Hospitality
  • Skilled crafts and trades
  • Gas stations
  • Retail
  • Drugstores
  • Fire departments
  • Industry
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Bakeries
  • Machine and plant engineering
  • Transport/logistics
  • Guard/security services
  • Agencies
  • Radio/TV
  • Personnel management
  • Agriculture
  • Childcare centers
  • Fitness studios

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Dienstag - schedule your team

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